We love Baseball & Softball

Our Mission and Vision

Training KAMP believes players of all ages and economic backgrounds have a right to a high-quality baseball and softball education. Training KAMP provides access to this education through an online video teaching library as well as in-person guidance designed to assist players at any level.

Our Founder

Baseball and softball are great games. They’re games played pitch by pitch and with attention to detail. Most of all, they are fun and a lot can be learned by participating. The discipline it takes to improve on the field carries over to all aspects of life.

Training KAMP USA focuses not only on preparing players for proper physical movements on the field but also teaches how to handle the mental rigors that tend to consume and keep most players from reaching their full potential off the field as well. “KAMP” stands for Knowledge And Mental Preparation and when added to traditional “Training,” growth is achieved exponentially.

Whether it’s improving on a little league field, getting that college scholarship or even being drafted to play professionally, Training KAMP USA hopes you find the foundation of integrity that we encourage helps players increase their confidence, improve their game and bring out that same enjoyment we get each time we step on the field.

We encourage you to explore our video library of knowledge and how we can help your confidence soar.

Thanks for taking us on your journey.

All the best,


Brian Barca
Training KAMP Founder

We provide baseball & softball
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